Tri WHITE Pedicure Chair Features Technical Buttons Large Footrest Height Adjustment Modern Design Pedicure Technician Controller. Order yours through Beauty Spa Expo.
Tri WHITE Pedicure Chair. T Timeless Black Seat
Tri WHITE Pedicure Chair. T Timeless Chocolate Seat
Tri WHITE Pedicure Chair. T Timeless Cream Seat
Tri WHITE Pedicure Chair. T Timeless Mocha Seat
Tri WHITE Pedicure Chair. T Timeless Red Seat
Tri WHITE Pedicure Chair. Prestige White Seat
Tri WHITE Pedicure Chair. Technical Buttons
Tri WHITE Pedicure Chair. Large Footrest
Tri WHITE Pedicure Chair. Height Adjustment
Tri WHITE Pedicure Chair. Modern Design
Tri WHITE Pedicure Chair. Pedicure Technician Controller
Tri WHITE Pedicure Chair. Cup Holder
Tri WHITE Pedicure Chair. Purse Hook
Tri WHITE Pedicure Chair. Built-in Remote Controller
Tri WHITE Pedicure Chair. USB Charger
Tri WHITE Pedicure Chair Large Headrest
Tri WHITE Pedicure Chair Spacious Seat

Trikaya WHITE Pedicure Chair

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Trikaya WHITE Pedicure Chair


  • Technical Buttons
  • Large Footrest
  • Height Adjustment
  • Modern Design
  • Pedicure Technician Controller
  • Cup Holder
  • Purse Hook
  • Built-in Remote Controller
  • USB Charger
  • Large Headrest
  • Spacious Seat


Base Material Duo Painting
Sink Material Glass
Massage Chair Model T-Timeless
Warranty 2 Years (for Massage Chair) | 1 Year (for Tub Base and Sink)
Length 54" | 74" when reclined
Width 32" | 48" with Manicure Tray
Height 56"
Capacity 4.5 gal
Maximum Weight 300 lbs
Acetone Resistant Yes
Lift-up Footrest Yes
Lift-up Armrest Yes
USB Charger(s) 1 (for T-Timeless Model)
Cup Holder(s) 1
Pedicure Stool Included
Purse Hook 1
Power Supply 120V - 15A - 60Hz
Jet Motor Power 120V - 85W - 60Hz
Discharge Pump Motor Power 120V - 85W - 60Hz
Water Flow Rate 500 GPH
Weight 290 lbs
Shipping Weight 350 lbs

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