FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I purchase from Beauty Spa Expo, Inc.?

Our expertise is pedicure spas. We have the most spa pedicure chair selections available throughout the world, the highest quality products, latest technology, and the guaranteed lowest prices!

Q: Can I change or cancel my order?
Q: Which method will my spa chairs get delivered?
Q: What will come with the spa chairs?
Q: My spa chair order was delivered with damages on the box, what should I do?
Q: Can I install the spa chairs on my own?
Q: How do I keep the chair cushion clean?
Q: I accidentally spilled nail polish on the cushion leather, what should I do?
Q: Should I let pregnant clients sit on the spa chair?
Q: What is the Auto-Fill system?
Q: What is the size of the drain pipe for the gravity drain system?
Q: What is the size of the drain pipe for the drain pump system?
Q: What is the size of the hot and cold water hose connector for the spa chair?
Q: Do we offer any special promotions?
Q: What forms of payment does Beauty Spa Expo, Inc. accept?
Q: How long does it take to receive equipment after I place an order?
Q: What kind of assembly is needed?
Q: How often do we need to clean the jet cover?
Q: What type of drain system do I need for my spa chairs?
Q: What is the purpose of using a discharge pump?
Q: What kind of electricity will I need to install with the unit?
Q: Does my pedicure spa chair need to be bolted down to the ground?
Q: Where do I go to get service after my purchase?
Q: How long is the warranty service?
Q: Will I incur shipping charges?
Q: How does the hot and cold water hook up to the spas?
Q: Do I need a licensed plumber to install the spa chairs?
Q: What are the featured options of a spa chair?
Q: What is power seat?
Q: What is pipeless Jets?
Q: What is the shiatsu or human touch massage function?